About Your Host

Posted On: July 12, 2011

I’ve had a camera in my hands constantly for over 28 years, starting with a basic SLR, experimenting with black & white and spending many hours photographing the classic tourist attractions in the lower mainland of BC. I’ve worked with sketching & watercolor, but always fell back to the camera as my main choice for artistic expression.

With digital cameras & software programs like Photoshop, I’ve been able to combine my affairs in various art forms with my love of photography. I can take images from my camera and turn them into something more than just photographs when so inspired.  With the ability to explore all the things I adore about art, architecture & travel through the digital medium and I feel whole again artistically.

Fundamentally, what I see with my natural eye is a broad perspective, but through a lens of my camera there is only one perspective, a part of the whole if you will.   I always have projects on the go with either photography/digital art, video blogging, video editing or co-hosting online radio shows.

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